Kindergarten Time

Kindergarten  Time

kindergartenDon’t you ever wish you could go back to Kindergarten time? You know, when life inched by–flowing in a perfect, present tense dance.

Every moment was brimming with magic—a lightning bug’s glow in the dark, a bike ride that seemed to last forever although it was really only ten minutes or a run through the sprinkler on a red hot day. Each moment was captivating as our laughter launched us up like a rocket.

But now, in this noisy, rapid-fire world, could we ever imagine ourselves living (even for one day) in the present, as we were back then?

That would be a day when we would talk less, listen more, and know how to turn off the scramble in our heads. We would be astonished by the splendor that surrounds us, and be free to smile at or hug someone without knowing or caring if it was politically correct.

We would truly believe that “now” is all there is and not get ahead of ourselves by worrying about tomorrow’s troubles or turning around to hurl guilt on ourselves for the things we did or failed to do. No, we would simply be—as we were back then. Could we be okay with being?

Kindergarten time. Who wants to enroll, besides me?