Lost for So Long

lost for so longLost for So Long  

At first there’s no recognition
No thought, belief or care
Emptiness is so familiar and safe
It doesn’t see, hear or feel

Settled into solitude
At home with the sameness of days
She’s accustomed to coming and going
With no one knowing or caring

There’s a hollow place in the heart of his heart
A place he guards with a grin
And he hopes no one sees or knows
How lost he feels within

Would anyone ever suspect it?
Her smile lights up a room
But the secret stands and she stands by it
“Oh, how I long to be and have a friend.”

Then there he is–as he’s been for a while
And even with her upbeat smile
He sees the secret she’s held so long
It’s the same as he has known

It only takes a second for the heart to see within
To the point of revelation—the place where hope begins
Wrapped in scarlet ribbons and bows is the glow of anticipation
For lost-for-so-long souls who have finally been found

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