The Great Tumble


The Great Tumble

Writing is a safe haven—like time spent with a friend. Happy or sad, words pour out, and with them, my heart. There is no other expression as pure. Whether the pen flows onto the page or strokes on keys fill the computer screen, I am lost in the moment of creation as mystery gives way to the internal ah-ha! Suddenly, the mind, once jumbled, takes the great tumble as words fall to the page.

Blog Bits


Eclectic Gathering
“Don’t you ever wish we could go back to Kindergarten time? You know, when everything was simple….Each moment was captivating as our laughter launched us up like a sky-high rocket.”
From Kindergarten Time

Good God-News
“I saw a man huddled in a heap of ragged blankets on a bench. His eyes were dazed—his hair a nest on his head. Silence hung between us like the center of night.”
From Saving Isaac

How Did This Happen?
“Past a certain age, like it or not, gravity has its way.”
From Gravity 

Oh, You Got to Have Friends
“There’s a hollow place in the heart of his heart, a place that he guards with a grin…”
From Lost for So Long

Oven Stuff
“Do people north of the Mason Dixon Line appreciate the cuisine of the south, or do things like cheese garlic grits and fried okra send them running?”
From The Best Pecan Pie in the Whole Wide World

Please & Thank You
“Why isn’t ‘you’re welcome’ the reply to ‘thank you,’ anymore? It used to be–back in the olden days—before the phrases ‘not a problem’ and ‘no problem’ took our culture by storm.”
From The Problem

Second Chance Grace
“When our world spins out of control (we blow it with family, friends or on the job) don’t we wish we could have a do-over?”
From Coming Up for Air