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The Light Touch
A Drama Ministry

ministry_kayperformingThe Light Touch is a drama ministry that is dedicated to creating and performing skits to illuminate God’s Word. Permit me to introduce one of the ministry’s most beloved characters. Ellendean Love is foremost a lover of the Lord—feisty, funny and full of heart. Once a Kindergarten Sunday school teacher in her native Kentucky, today she travels the world teaching God’s word. Here, she introduces her favorite lesson.

* * * 

A flamboyant middle aged woman enters. She is wearing a big straw hat with the brim up. It is secured by pins that signify her faith—a cross, an angel, and one with the letters FSH (Father, Son and Holy Spirit.) She has a contagious smile as she eyes the audience in expectation. Then she speaks with a thick southern accent. 

“Hi, Church! Hi! Hi! Oh, I’m so happy to be here. My name is Ellendean Love, and I have come all the way from Fox Holler, Kentucky to teach you The Ten Commandments. Now, why is that, you say? Well, not too many people know The Ten Commandments. Can we see a show of hands? How many of you know them? (Hands go up.) I’m not talkin’ about knowin’ of them. (Quite a few hands come down.) I’m not talkin’ about knowin’ one or two. (Still more come down.) I mean know them. (Two hands remain in the air.) Hmmm. I see I’ve got my work cut out for me. You are definitely the right crowd!” 

* * * 

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